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The Library

THMS owns a library of music for standard chamber ensembles. Members are encouraged to borrow from this resource, and may do so free of charge if their subscriptions are up to date. A full list of our current repertoire can be found here. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email the librarian, Peter Greenfield (

Development of the Library

We intend to add to our library each year, and are particularly open to suggestions for which pieces to add from society members. Please e-mail the current librarian, Peter Greenfield ( if you would like to suggest new titles for consideration. If you are keen to perform chamber music in a recital (even if you can't put a full group together), why not contact our recital organisers ( to find out more?

Borrowing Instructions

Please use the online enquiry form to contact the librarian with your request. A mutually convenient time can then be arranged to collect the music from the library and sign it out for a period of one term (although if it remains unrequested by other THMS members, extensions may be negotiated). In the rare case that a part is lost or unreasonably damaged, a fine will be levied to cover its replacement.

We hope that the library will be a useful resource to music - makers in Trinity Hall, and look forward to developing it in future; and we welcome feedback from users to help us maximise its potential!

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